A Vision : 

The Clyde Fishery


This is a vision document for the future of the Clyde Fishery. It has been enabled by the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust through grant funding from the European Marine Fisheries Fund, accessed by the Argyll Bute and Ayrshire Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG). 


The document has been researched, developed and written by Fiona Matheson. 


This Vision Document is ambitious, it looks toward a bright, positive future of possibility for the Clyde fishery and it also sets the baseline of where the Clyde sits now among the economic, regulatory, political and cultural environment in which it must operate. 


Creating a vision is introducing goals and ideas for which some of the pathways are not yet clear, but where these can be identified, practical suggestions will be offered to spark creative thinking and discussion. The vision is the start of the journey.


In researching and writing this document much more information than originally anticipated was forthcoming. Therefore, two versions of the Vision Document have been created. The ‘Short Version’ is a distilled version of the research, condensed into easily accessible takeaway points. The ‘Long Version’, is the full document, for those wishing to access the full detail of research findings and analysis.


Both versions are available to download below.