We are a local, community-led fishing charity dedicated to supporting and revitalising the wider Clyde and west of Scotland areas.

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A grassroots approach to supporting coastal communities.

The work we do is rooted in the local community. Our purpose is to amplify the voices of the fishing industry – providing a platform to help them develop their skills, celebrate their heritage and share their stories. Within this work, our main areas of focus are community development, education, science, heritage, culture, and the arts.

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“Fishing represents a rich culture, heritage and way of life for many. The Clyde Fishermen’s Trust aims to celebrate this culture, help to develop it and educate around it to ensure the long term survival of the Clyde fishing communities and their rich and unique culture.”

– Elaine Whyte, Executive Officer, Clyde Fishermen’s Trust

Our projects

We support a range of community-based projects spanning the arts, education, and policy. These projects are geared towards developing and supporting coastal communities, with a particular focus on the fishing industry.

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