Projects Enabler - Fishing Communities

Job Outline

Job Definition

Post:  Project Officer - Projects Enabler Fishing Communities Clyde Region (Argyll and Bute & Ayrshire)

Purpose:  To conduct community outreach, meetings and research over a period of 12 months to create a Vision Document in collaboration with Argyll and Bute & Ayrshire fishing communities detailing a forward strategy for the region as envisioned by the communities themselves.


Organisational Relationship


The post-holder will report to the CEO of the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust and it’s Trustees.

The post-holder will also work in partnership with external partners and local community organisations.

Key Responsibilities


  • Travel to fishing communities within Argyll & Bute and Ayrshire and organise community outreach events and meetings.


  • Work closely with Fishing Communities to identify key priorities for development. (For example; issues in local fishing infrastructure, policy development, employability issues, environmental issues, business development issues etc).


  • Identify and work closely with partners (marine stakeholders) and strategies to encourage discussion and engagement with Fishing Communities.


  • Assist in the identification of local issues/areas for development with the fishing communities and the actualisation of this change through planning, grant finding and community empowerment.


  • Conduct research and benchmarking to aid in the creation of a Vision Document.


  • Create a ‘Vision Document’ over a period of a maximum of 12 months in collaboration with Argyll and Bute & Ayrshire fishing communities detailing a forward strategy for the region considering the required infrastructural and social requirements of the regions as envisioned by the communities themselves.



General Responsibilities


  • Maintain accurate records of the work and financial operation carried out within the role.


  • Work within a set timeframe for research, delivery/outreach and creation of a ‘Vision Document’.

  • Work flexibility and adaptively within COVID-19 restrictions. This may include rescheduling meetings, arranging Zoom/telephone meetings as an alternative and ensuring any outreach follows the latest government guidelines.


  • Ensure that the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust’s policies and procedures are upheld at all times. This includes Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Safeguarding.

  • Attend and report to the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust’s AGM where appropriate.

Person Specification


Degree or Equivalent Experience in any subject with demonstrable experience in Fishing / General Community Development / Community Outreach.


Degree or Equivalent Experience in Marine Management / Natural Environment / Community Development/Regeneration

Knowledge & Skills 


  1. Good knowledge of Argyll & Bute and Ayrshire Fishing Communities.

  2. Good verbal communication skills.

  3. Good knowledge of IT skills required (Microsoft Suite, Zoom, etc).

  4. Ability to work independently and manage own deadlines, projects etc.

  5. Good project delivery skills.


Good research and report writing skills.


  1. Experience working with Fishing Communities / Marine Stakeholders.

  2. Experience in delivering projects to a range of diverse groups.

  3. Experience in developing creative and engaging approaches to community outreach.

  4. Experience in writing reports and conducting socio-economic research.


  1. Experience of working with Fishing Communities / Marine Stakeholders in the West Coast of Scotland.

  2. Experience in creating new partnerships.

  3. Experience in securing grant funding from a diversity of funders.

The Trust has an office in central Glasgow which the post holder will have access, however flexible home working and travel are expected depending on COVID-19 restrictions.  Job share may be considered for this role.  Remuneration for this role will be dependant on experience and set at an upper rate of £30,500 for a maximum period of twelve months. 

Queries and applications to the role should be sent as a C.V. and covering letter to


The deadline for applications is the 25th of September 2021.   

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